Blockchain Education - in the B9lab DNA

When we started in 2014 we wanted to help people learn about blockchain and decentralised applications. It wasn’t just the fundamentals that interested us, we focused on multiple protocols and technologies, investigating their individual nuances.

Over time we’ve developed numerous learning paths tailored for the needs of different audiences - whether they are developers, decision makers, or a mix of both. We have now trained over 16,000 people in 160 countries using synchronous learning for both online and offline clients.

Different needs. Different learning paths.

You need different learning modes depending on where you and your team are on your learning journey and where you want to end up. We use synchronous learning to get your team up to speed as quickly and efficiently as possible. We offer packages ranging from custom offline training workshops, through classic online learning, to custom integration of Enterprise online learning solutions.

Offline Learning - Workshops

Accelerate your blockchain learning with in-person workshops led by our expert instructors. Choose between workshops of different durations and topics depending on your team’s needs. We can help whether you are looking for a technical workshop for your developers, or business and strategy workshops for your executives and other decision makers.
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Technology Focused Workshops

If you would like to bring your technical team up to speed as quickly as possible, bring in our expert instructors for an intensive training workshop at your offices.

Participants learn blockchain theory and practice, and your choice of protocol from Ethereum, Solidity, Truffle, Hyperledger Fabric, Hyperledger Sawtooth, Corda, Tezos, EOSIO, Web3, and more.

Business Focused Workshops

We have a range of workshops that are designed to get different areas of your workforce up to speed. A half day decision-maker workshop will answer all the questions a senior executive has when deciding on the funding and viability of a blockchain project. We also have workshops for project managers, salespeople and customer support teams, in fact, all the groups that will interact with your blockchain project. This is the quickest and most efficient way to get everyone working at full capacity.

Online Learning - Classic

Bridge your internal blockchain knowledge and talent gaps by helping your team upskill with our catalogue of online courses. All of our B9lab certification courses are fully mentored and built for 100% online self-paced learning. You can choose a single course for your team or curate their learning experience with a combination of courses tailored to your specific needs.

Online Learning - Custom

We will integrate our B9lab Academy courses into your internal learning management systems or corporate development programme. Our custom online annual learning packages for Enterprise gives your teams access to all our courses, dedicated support from technical and strategic expert instructors, reporting, and certification. We are the one stop shop experts for your blockchain education needs.
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