The C3 Approach to Technology Adoption

After years of experience with helping developers and decision makers alike with adopting different technologies and protocols, we have distilled our expertise into a holistic approach for technology adoption, with specific focus on the vibrant, rapidly evolving blockchain ecosystem.

Simply put, our C3 technology adoption framework focuses on getting code loved and used by the community through content.

The Approach

The C3 framework is built upon years of our experience and empirical evidence of what works and doesn’t work during the process of technology adoption. Starting from the stakeholders’ consensus on what success looks like, the core technology stack is developed alongside the content and infrastructure to help the target communities learn about the technology and interact with it to foster engagement and a sense of ownership.


Develop recommendations for each key area and plan for immediate and long term work packages. Decide on important metrics to track progress and determine the success of the strategic plan.


Work out an implementation plan based on the outcomes of the strategy phase and execute work packages.


Measure the performance of your implementation and improve upon your interaction with the community based on feedback. Keep your content up-to-date and add translations in relevant languages if the community calls for it.

How We Can Help You With Technology Adoption

At B9lab, we have had our fingers on the pulse of the blockchain ecosystem since 2014. Our experts use our holistic C3 adoption framework to have your technology adopted by the blockchain community at large, so that you can concentrate on the core of your technology with peace of mind.


Strategy audit

Community plan

Education plan

Infrastructure plan

Documentation Health Check



Infrastructure deployment

Learning platform integration

Community onboarding

Learning content

Content packages for outbound strategy

Certification system

Ongoing Support

Certification management

Mentoring and support for learners

Rolling content updates

Metrics and reporting

Translation management

Community engagement

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