The C3 Approach to Technology Adoption

After years of experience helping developers and decision makers to adopt new technologies and protocols, we have distilled our expertise into a holistic approach. Our expertise is in the vibrant, rapidly evolving blockchain and DLT ecosystem.

Embracing C3 gives you space to build while still getting your vision delivered to the world. We translate your code into stories that get developers using your tech and growing your global presence.

The Approach

The C3 framework is built upon the empirical evidence of what works and doesn’t work during the process of technology adoption. We aim to answer the questions, ‘what does success look like? How do we make it happen? How can we measure that we’re getting there? We develop content, learning paths, infrastructure and engagement strategies to help the target communities interact with your technology and foster a sense of ownership and trust.


Our first key step is to get to know you and your tech. What do you think is central to your success? We then develop recommendations for each key area. We also create an executable short term plan and a set of long term recommendations Together we decide on important metrics to track progress and determine success.


The way we work will be very familiar to tech teams! We define clear deliverables and statements of outcomes. We apply software development methods to all our work to create executable and measurable packages. You’ll know what we’re doing when we’re building interactive documentation, streamlining educational content for aspiring developers or creating an image bank for your marketing efforts.


Central to everything we do is measurement. We can only improve if we know what improvement looks like. We’re constantly measuring, soliciting feedback and iterating. We keep content up-to-date and relevant and use it to draw high quality adopters and evangelists to your technology.

How we can help you with technology adoption

At B9lab, we have been core to the growth of the blockchain ecosystem since 2014. Our experts use our holistic C3 adoption framework to get your technology adopted by the blockchain community. This allows you to concentrate on your technology with peace of mind.


Strategy review

Community plan

Education plan

Infrastructure plan

Documentation Health Check



Learning platform integration

Infrastructure deployment

Content packages for outbound strategy

Community onboarding

Learning content

Certification system

Ongoing Support

Certification management

Metrics and reporting

Mentoring and support for learners

Certification management

Content updates and improvement

Translation management

Community engagement

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