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Blockchain training and talent for teams

Bring blockchain to your business with hands-on workshops and online courses

In-person blockchain training led by expert instructors

B9lab delivers best-in-class workshops adaptable to a range of skill levels and audiences, from non-technical to experienced developers. Our expert instructors guide participants from a comprehensive introduction to blockchain, smart contracts and dapps to practical exercises and proof-of-concept development.

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This 4-day developer workshop offers a deep dive into blockchain foundations, Ethereum, Solidity, Web3 and Truffle. Participants learn to build, run and test decentralised applications and smart contracts on the Ethereum platform.

Hyperledger Fabric for Developers logo

Intensive 4-day workshop for experienced programmers. Participants get hands-on experience focused on Hyperledger Fabric infrastructure, chaincode and Go. Participants learn how to build, run and test a Hyperledger network, set up Fabric systems, and build a simple proof-of-concept.

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A 2-day workshop for non-technical audiences seeking a solid understanding of blockchain applications for business. After diving into blockchain fundamentals, smart contracts, network types, use cases and ethics, participants will learn how to assess blockchain projects for their business merit.

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Add blockchain to your internal training and development program

Corporate clients with long-term training needs and teams of 75 or more can get all-inclusive access to B9lab online courses and content through B9lab Academy for Business. This 1-year enterprise training plan includes:

  • Access to the entire B9lab Academy online course catalogue
  • Dedicated online support from expert instructors
  • Access to B9lab technical experts to guide proof-of-concept and prototype development
  • Access to B9lab strategic experts to guide business case assessment, transition planning and roadmapping
  • Comprehensive student progress reporting and certification
  • Access to B9lab Talent matching services

Hiring? Bring verified blockchain talent to your team

B9lab Talent is our dedicated talent matching service. We connect companies and projects seeking qualified blockchain developers and certified blockchain professionals to our growing community of over 13,000 alumni from 125 countries.

B9lab Talent focuses on placing our best alumni in both permanent and temporary positions that fit their experience, certification level, and skillset. Get in touch to let us know more about your talent needs and we’ll find the perfect match for you.

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Are online courses and support included with corporate blockchain workshops?

Yes, B9lab uses blended learning methodology, which means face-to-face training is combined with online support from experts with real-world knowledge, plus access to self-paced tutorials. Although the 4-day on-site workshop covers a large part of the 12-week online course, participants will have access to the online course content for several weeks, plus access to certification.

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