Building the Blockchain Ecosystem

Getting your vision delivered.
Translating code into stories.
Giving you space to build.

Driving the adoption of your tech

Successful teams focus on code quality, usefulness and adoption to make sure their technology is core to the ecosystem.

At B9lab, we have been helping blockchain-focused organisations since 2014. We use our unique expertise, skills, and talent pool to help technology providers become central to the future of blockchain by focusing on adoption. That means you can focus on code quality and usefulness.

Community Building

Identify the right audiences for your technology, from decision-makers and developers to your end-users

Create a focused communication plan to engage the community and foster a sense of ownership

Add community tools to your offerings

Targeted Engagement

Identify the right content mix for different adoption profiles

Develop the right learning paths for the right audience group

Establish your verification strategy to ensure that your audience gets the most value out of your content and you get the most from them.

Architecture & Support

Identify the right content delivery tools and platforms for your community and audience

Create the best avenues to keep your community constantly engaged

Develop the best certification infrastructure for maintaining your community’s interest in learning

All our services

We have been building high-quality blockchain-focused content since 2014. We have also developed a suite of blockchain consulting services that can help you in areas other than technology adoption. We have solutions that get your team trained quickly and we can help you scope, build and test.

Technology Adoption

We help you achieve technology adoption by focusing on Code, Community, and Content.

Our holistic C3 approach to technology adoption can address every stage of the process, from strategy to implementation through to support and maintenance. This leaves you free to improve your tech while we focus on helping you achieve maximum technology adoption.

Enterprise Learning

Let’s get your team building quickly and skillfully

We address your training needs with a synchronous approach to learning. We offer a combination of offline workshops, online courses, support and certification that gives you the best outcomes in the most efficient way possible.

You can bridge the gaps in your developers’ knowledge across multiple protocols and tools, all in one place! Equally, you can give your non-technical team the tools to work with your devs with our non-technical courses.

Consulting Solutions

Our experts help you make decisions about which blockchain or DLT protocol is best for your project, and perform technical assessments of your project’s viability.

We can also deliver parts or all of your project or help you when your internal team gets stuck. The B9lab team of experts is always on hand when you need a sounding board.


Hiring the right developer or team can be hard, especially in an evolving space like blockchain.

We connect companies and projects seeking qualified blockchain developers and certified blockchain professionals to our growing community of over 16,000 students from 160 countries

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