2024 Training Offering

In addition to our tailored consultancy and trainings we provide a limited number of fixed dates and content online training that you can find below.

The Future of Web3: IBC and Roll-ups for Developers

Dive deep into the technical intricacies of the decentralized landscape with our hands-on workshop, "The Future of Web3: IBC and Roll-ups." In this three-day course, we're putting the spotlight on Inter-Blockchain Communication (IBC) and the implementation of roll-ups with Celestia, offering you a unique opportunity for technical exploration and coding immersion.

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Next course: 22nd - 24th of April 2024

3 days online course
499€ (excl. VAT)
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Designing and Implementing AI Infrastructure

Unlock the power of Artificial Intelligence by joining our comprehensive workshop on "Designing and Implementing AI Infrastructure." Over the course of three days, participants will delve into the exciting realm of AI, exploring the fundamental technologies and tools that drive innovation in this rapidly evolving field.

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2 days online course
499€ (excl. VAT)

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What is the duration and cost of the workshops?

Both the "Designing and Implementing AI Infrastructure" and "The Future of Web3: IBC and Roll-ups for Developers" workshops are 3 days long and are each priced at 499 EUR (excl. VAT) per participant.

When will the workshops be held?

The Web3 workshop will take place on the 22nd - 24th of April. The next AI workshop will be announced soon.

When will the workshops start and finish?

Workshops are 3:50 hours long per day (including two 10 minute breaks) and are held live on UTC 2.00pm - 5.50pm, or are available on Replay for two weeks afterwards.

Who should attend these workshops?

The AI workshop is suitable for developers, engineers, technology enthusiasts, and decision-makers interested in AI. The Web3 workshop is ideal for developers and coding enthusiasts interested in blockchain communication and scalability.

Will I gain practical experience during the workshops?

Yes, both workshops include hands-on implementation exercises where you will gain practical experience in their respective fields.

What topics will be covered in the AI workshop?

The AI workshop will cover an overview of AI technology and tools, hands-on implementation, integration with existing applications, and ethical and legal considerations.

What topics will be covered in the Web3 workshop?

The Web3 workshop will cover the Inter-Blockchain Communication (IBC) Protocol, application-specific blockchains, cross-chain communication strategies, the DYDX use case, and implementing an application-specific blockchain. It will also cover an introduction to Celestia and hands-on example application.

What are the benefits of attending these workshops?

By attending these workshops, you will acquire practical skills, enhance your ability to incorporate new technologies into existing applications, gain insights into the ethical and legal considerations, and understand the implications and strategies of these advanced technologies.

How can I join the workshops?

To join these workshops, you can register and attend the sessions online with senior instructors.

Will there be a follow-up session after the AI workshop?

Yes, there will be an optional follow-up online session one week later after the AI workshop where participants can address any questions, share experiences, and receive additional guidance.

Will the AI workshop cover ethical and legal considerations related to AI?

Yes, the AI workshop will cover ethical considerations surrounding AI development and implementation, explore legal constraints and compliance requirements, as well as discuss real-world case studies to navigate the ethical and legal challenges associated with AI.

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