Who we are

We’ve been designing and building developer adoption strategies for leading web3 organisations since 2015. Through our onboarding and learning journeys, we’ve minted thousands of developers.

Our diverse team covers the whole spectrum of developer adoption strategy and management. We're developers, business strategists, marketers, and blockchain educators.

Who we work with

We are fortunate to have worked with a wide variety of clients and partners from different industries over the past eight years, including ecosystem stewards, institutions, and developer-enabled appchains.

Our Team

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Damien Ducourty
Founder and CEO

Damien is an experienced entrepreneur with a track record of bringing disruptive solutions to the market in telecom and finance since 1996. After 18 years spent with IT blue chip firms and Tech startups, in 2014 he decided to focus his energy and time on decentralised applications and blockchain technology by founding B9lab.

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Elias Haase

Elias has spent the past 15 years planning, building and running digital products. His background is in Artificial Intelligence. Since the early days of bitcoin, he has been following the progress of blockchain tech and gathered experience with smart contracts / trustless computation.

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Ibo Sy

Ibo is a software engineer and entrepreneur with extensive experience in native desktop, web, and mobile application development. He has worked on 3D Virtual and Augmented Reality projects and has a knack for embedded systems. He has been delivering software projects for 14 years. As a founder, Ibo covers all aspects of B9Lab but has a particular interest in innovative infrastructure projects, for B9Lab and our clients.

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Xavier Lepretre

From an early age, Xavier has been fascinated by software artistry. He's a senior blockchain engineer with expertise in Cosmos, Ethereum, and Corda. Within B9Lab he has trained thousands of software engineers in these technologies. Xavier likes to think adversarially when designing, is an advocate of clean coding and expressiveness and pays close attention to detail.

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Amaury Sautour

Amaury is an experienced programme director with a track record of running 1,000+ headcount global initiatives in the financial services industry. With an engineering and entrepreneurial background, he enjoys designing creative and practical solutions to highly challenging initiatives and is devoted to constantly simplifying the things we do.

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Andrew Critchley
Technical Editor

Andrew is a writer and editor in both technical and creative contexts, with diverse experience in fields including education, journalism, social media management and promotion, screenwriting and film production, industrial and 3D printing, magazine and book publishing, and now blockchain. If you don't find him writing something, he'll be reading something.

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Anil Öner
Senior Consultant Developer

Anil joined the team after finishing his MSc in Biophysics at the TUM. He has worked with several programming languages and higher mathematics, and conducted research projects in ultra-high vacuum, electrotechnics, and computer-based simulations. Anil has taken a stake in embedded and scientific programming, as well as cryptography. At B9Lab, Anil is part of the core content creation team and has worked on projects for Tezos, Cosmos, EOS.IO, and Hyperledger.

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Citlali Mora Catlett
Senior Project Manager

Citlali is a political scientist with a focus on international relations, international organisations, security policy, and economy. She has a MA in Political Science from the LMU Munich and has worked at international scholastic conferences providing educational experiences for students from around the world and assisted with university undergrad courses. At B9Lab, Citlali works across the content and delivery teams as a project manager and client liaison.

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Eilish Curtin
Executive Team Assistant

For almost a decade, Eilish has supported senior partners at legal firms and financial analyst teams at prestigious asset management businesses in London and Barcelona. At B9Lab, she works across various departments, offering support or building and executing efficient processes. Eilish works internally at B9Lab and with our clients to make sure our projects run smoothly.

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Gioele Bonifetto
Software Engineer

Gioele is a software engineer at B9Lab. He studied IT in high school and started working with startups as soon as he graduated, learning several programming languages and approaches to mobile and web development.

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Ursula Neulinger
Senior Consultant eLearning

Uschi has been working for the last 19 years in learning and communication and has extensive experience in instructional design. She has run research projects with universities in Europe and Latin America and consulted for major companies regarding knowledge management and e-learning.

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Luciana Bruzanovski
PA to Founder

Luciana has been working as an Executive Assistant for over 15 years, with extensive experience in the areas of Business, Events Organisation, and PR, working for national and multinational companies in Argentina, Uruguay, and Spain. At B9Lab, she works with one of our founders, liaising internally and externally, relieving the administrative burden and allowing him to focus on his core responsibilities.

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Lucy Meiland

Lucy has been client-facing for over 25 years and has a strong track record in marketing, sales, and finance. She has run multiple teams at small and large firms and ran her own company for eight years before joining B9Lab. Currently, Lucy heads up Partnerships, where she finds the best ways to leverage B9Labs' knowledge and reach to help partners meet their goals.

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Maria Montes
Head of Design

Maria is a multidisciplinary designer with over 16 years of experience creating content for digital and print assets as well as visual design. Her experience includes creating motion graphics and 3D renderings for managing stage design projects. At B9Lab, she works collaboratively with the content production team in creating both intelligible and visually appealing representations of complex blockchain concepts, designing landing pages, components, and illustrations.

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Marisol Moreira Lares
Data and Tracking Analyst

Sol’s background is in education and project management. For 15 years she has run teams and helped students get the most from their studies. Sol loves data and it is her passion to find insights to improve B9Lab’s education programs. She is also one of B9Lab’s core program managers.

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Nihal Salah
Head of Marketing

Nihal has 15 years of experience designing and executing go-to-market and marketing strategies that drive demand and adoption. She has a background in product and content marketing and has worked with start-ups, scaleups, and multinationals across all stages of the funnel. She’s helped B2B companies save millions in unnecessary product development costs and create customer-focused marketing programmes that drive revenue, not vanity metrics.

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Rob Hitchens
Blockchain Developer and Trainer

Rob has worn many hats in his extensive IT career, including experience designing, constructing, implementing, and operating innovative software solutions, developing training programs, and supporting online education platforms. Rob has been dabbling in blockchain technology since the early days and quickly recognised the disruptive potential of smart contracts and decentralised apps. Since 2016 Rob has been absorbing all things related to smart contracts and supporting developers on their quest to master this technology.

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Sam Schmeink
Infrastructure Engineer

Sam has been interested in software and web development and system administration from a very young age. After finishing his vocational training he acquired several years of experience as a system administrator, then founded his own company with a focus as an IT provider before joining B9Lab. His focal points are the Linux world and web development.

What Drives Us?

We are excited to work with partners who share our core values regarding the ethical and sustainable application of blockchain technologies. Our initial conversations are focused on arriving at a shared understanding of principles and purpose.

We believe in the value of a long-term and whole-ecosystem view

We recognise that solutions based on short-term thinking don't just impact how new technologies are applied, they undermine the potential of the wider ecosystem of which they are a part. This enables us to help you design strong strategic interventions, but it also means taking responsibility for the future consequences of current decisions, and for addressing externalities.

We believe ethics is a moral imperative—and a practical necessity

Decentralised technologies are fundamentally social. Without a shared set of ethics and norms, our experiments in mass coordination are bound to fail. This is true at every level of web3 projects, from programming to governance.

We believe a healthy ecosystem is a diverse one

As any biologist will tell you, a monoculture is an ecosystem on the verge of collapse. This is why we don’t advocate for any one blockchain or protocol. For the same reason, we believe it is crucial to bring a wide range of perspectives and lived experiences to web3. This will only become more important as the industry grows.

We believe in building bridges to other fields

We work to communicate a balanced view of the benefits of web3 to other fields, but also to bring ideas in from the outside. We see this as critical for the development of web3 in the future, as it moves towards more real-world use cases. Likewise, web3 technologies have the capacity to solve many of the gnarly coordination, automation, and scaling problems that plague traditional industries.

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