Who We Are

When we started in 2014 we wanted to help people learn about blockchain and decentralised applications. It wasn’t just the fundamentals that interested us, we focused on multiple protocols and technologies,investigating their individual nuances. We have now helped more than 16,000 people in 160 countries. Our alumni work in most of the top blockchain companies and teams in the world.

Over time, we have built up expertise to help our clients connect with the blockchain community, and get their technology adopted by the ecosystem. Our experience with this has led to the development of our holistic C3 Technology Adoption Framework.

Our Vision

At B9lab, we want people to experiment and innovate to solve complex problems, we will precipitate change though aiding technology adoption and promoting ethical development.

Our Mission

Our mission is to remove the barriers to efficient learning and technology adoption in the blockchain industry. We will help people spend less time learning and more time creating by delivering quality tools to engaged communities.

Our Values

Focused on Quality

We pride ourselves on the quality of our knowledge, expertise and output. Our top priority is to make sure our skills are always at the leading edge of the industry and always up-to-date.


We are protocol neutral, which means we do not favour a single technology stack over all others. B9lab aims to offer a balanced, well-rounded perspective on the widest possible range of different blockchain technologies.


As one of the first organisations to offer consulting, technology adoption, training and talent services in the blockchain space, our clients can count on years of experience and a breadth and depth of knowledge that is hard to find anywhere else.


We always give honest opinions within the realm of our expertise, thus building a trusted partnership with all of our clients. We are not interested in having an opinion for its own sake, our opinions need to bring value.


Our experts work in an "active" mode, whether it’s consulting, auditing, or mentoring. That means one-on-one honest, personalised support.


We constantly work to make sure alumni and clients get a sense of the social and ethical implications of blockchain development. That’s why we co-developed the Satoshi Oath: the first-ever code of ethics in the blockchain space.
Damien Ducourty
Damien is an experienced entrepreneur and executive with a track record of bringing disruptive solutions to market in telecom and finance since 1996. He spent the last few years looking into decentralised applications and blockchain technology.
Elias Haase
Elias has spent the past 10 years planning, building and running digital products. His background is in Artificial Intelligence. Since the early days of bitcoin he has been following the progress of blockchain tech and gathered experience with smart contracts / trustless computation.
Xavier Leprêtre
Xavier is a software and infrastructure engineer. In the past 15 years, he has coded, deployed, customised, troubleshot, and supported various software systems. He has also guided, educated, taught, and coached customers across Asia. Xavier used to be based in Thailand and Singapore. For more than two years now, he has been a keen member of the blockchain community.
Ibo Sy
Ibo is a software engineer and entrepreneur with extensive experience in native desktop, web and mobile application development. He has worked on 3D Virtual and Augmented Reality projects and has a knack for embedded systems. He has been delivering software projects for 10 years.
Adel Rustum
Blockchain Developer and Trainer
Adel comes from a background in Artificial Intelligence and has been taking software development related roles since 2006. In early 2018 he joined the blockchain movement as a B9lab student and got certified in all of the available courses; his high marks and constant support of his fellow students proved him to be a valuable member in the B9lab community and secured him the role of tutor.
Rob Hitchens
Blockchain Developer and Trainer
Rob has worn many hats in his extensive IT career including experience designing, constructing, implementing and operating innovative software solutions, developing training programs and supporting online education platforms. Rob has been dabbling in blockchain technology since the early days and quickly recognised the disruptive potential of Smart Contracts and decentralised apps. Since 2016, Rob has been absorbing all things related to Smart Contracts and supporting developers on their quest to master this technology.
Rhian Lewis
Expert Instructor
Rhian is a software engineer with a profound interest in cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. She has a BSc in Economics from UCL and was a journalist at The Times. She is the co-developer of cryptocurrency portfolio tracker CountMyCrypto, an adviser to the Yope.io payment platform and the co-founder of London Women in Bitcoin.
Lucy Meiland
Lucy has been client facing for 20 years. She has a strong track record in marketing, sales and finance. She has run multiple teams at small and large firms and ran her own company for eight years before joining B9lab. Currently, Lucy heads up B9lab Talent and is putting together the infrastructure to run a successful and ethical recruitment business within B9lab.
Maria Montes
Visual Designer
Maria is a Barcelona-based multidisciplinary designer, who has been working in the various branches of design for over a decade, including user interfaces, motion graphics and realistic spatial visualization projects. At B9lab, she works collaboratively with content production to create visually intelligible and appealing representations of complex blockchain concepts. Maria also creates beautiful clean images to help B9lab clients further their tech adoption strategy.
Citlali Mora Catlett
Strategy & Special Projects
Citlali is a political scientist with a focus on international relations, international organizations, security policy and economy. She has a BA in Political Science, Economy and Business Administration and a MA in Political Science from the LMU Munich. Citlali has worked at international scholar conferences providing educational experiences for students from around the world, as well as substantial preparation materials and general conference services and assisted in university undergrad courses.
Ursula Neulinger
Senior Consultant eLearning
Uschi has been working the last 15 years in learning and communication and has large experience in instructional design of media. She ran research projects with Universities in Europe and Latin America and is consulting big and media companies in eLearning and knowledge management.
Anil Öner
Expert Instructor
Anil joined the team after finishing his MSc in Biophysics at the TUM. He has worked with several programming languages and higher mathematics, and conduct research projects in ultra-high vacuum, electrotechnics and computer-based simulations. Anil has taken a stake in embedded and scientific programming, as well as cryptography.
Sam Schmeink
Infrastructure Engineer
Sam has been interested in software and web development and system administration from a very young age. After finishing his vocational training, he acquired several years of experience as a system administrator, then founded his own company with a focus as an IT provider before joining B9lab. His focal points are the Linux world and web development.
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